CECAM Workshop on Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting and Heterogeneous Catalysis, May 2022

This workshop will take place in May 2022. This is organised by Profs. Niall English (UCD) and Run Long (Beijing Normal University) with much-appreciated funding support from Science Foundation Ireland and the NSFC in China. It brings together leading thinkers in academic- and government-research settings, as well as the wider R&D community. This workshop will discuss the latest international developments in the Hydrogen Economy and heterogeneous catalysis, and more especially on technical performance and economic/policy drivers in the hydrogen-production arena, as well as considering promising new technologies and approaches in the general renewable-energy area. This 'sets the scene', with Ireland and the world poised for embracing the renewable-gas vision, with the twin pillars of heterogeneous catalysis and hydrogen to the fore. A programme will appear below in due course.