18th Irish Atomistic Simulators' Meeting (IASM) at UCD

The 18th Irish Atomistic Simulators' Meeting (IASM) - also dubbed 'Nanoscale Simulators in Ireland' (NSI) - will take place at UCD on 13-14th January. This is organised by Dr. Niall English (Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, UCD). It brings together academic research groups on an all-Ireland basis, and takes a strong interest in promoting the development of Ph.D. students, by encouraging technical talks and posters from them, as well as postdoctoral fellows and other research/academic staff. This covers the broad gamut of atomistic and molecular simulation, ranging from electronic-structure approaches to mesoscale simulation, and everything in between, with interests in methodology development and applications in materials science, biomolecular and nanoscale systems. IASM meetings have been taking place for roughly 20 years since the mid-1990's, following the development of molecular-simulation groups in Ireland in classical and electronic-structure approaches since the early 1990's. This IASM meeting, as well as recent ones at TCD (2012) and QUB (2014), are particularly timely, as they come on foot of recent positive developments in Irish- and European- level molecular simulation, notably in terms of CECAM, together with wider industrial and societal engagement. In any event, UCD and Dr. English welcome the return of IASM to campus, the first event at UCD since 2008 (co-organised on that occasion by Drs. English and Donal MacKernan). The IASM meeting shall take place at the UCD Engineering & Materials Science Centre. The technical programme is below: